Rajgir Zoo Safari


A safari is an exhilarating journey where people can see animals in their blissful abode; their natural habitat where they are unrestricted, where you can observe the ethereal landscape, interact with the animals intimately and be a place of thrill and endurance. With that aspiration bore in mind, honorable Chief Minister Nitish Kumar inaugurated and initiated on January 17 2017, a world-class, immersive safari for the people. Hence, Explore the Rajgir Zoo Safari amidst the lush, green mountains of Vaibhigri and Songiri with sweeping forests expanding across nearly 500 acres of land. Encountering many animals in their flourishing habitat giving a truly breath-taking experience. A resplendent sight to behold, teeming with undulating pristine waterfalls and an indulging park theme and a picturesque sky-view of the Zoo Safari. To spot & see the rich biodiversity, the verdant forests has been divided into 5 zones that showcase the most beloved animals of India- Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Bear and Herbivore. With a Plethora of enchanting wildlife bestowing the rich heritage of India and embarking a lifetime of learning and spreading awareness of such species in India which can aid in more conservative protection and also give a satiated and fulfilling joyful experience to people across the world. Thus, The Rajgiri Zoo Safari will give an enriching and captivating experience for all wildlife enthusiasts.