Lion Safari


Embarking the journey at Rajgir Zoo Safari, the spectacular sight to behold belongs to none other than the King of the Jungle himself. The Asiatic lion ,the king of the beasts ,the 3.5ft and 110kg-190kg dune-backed, gritty maned beast .Painted with colors of bravery and living up to it, the Asiatic lion fights till his death against competing rivals for territory ,the Asiatic lion communicates by his daunting roar and other ways and also marks his territory by a roar to show formidability .Feeding on deer, antelope ,wild-boar and buffaloes, the lightweight beast of prey with honed retractable claws ,distinct vision at night and an armored mane to protect from competition .With tranquility and serenity yet formidability, These iconic apex predators are a golden sight to watch which will leave you spellbound .Thus venture here at Rajgir Zoo Safari, to journey and leave with a trove of unforgettable memories that will still make your heart race.