Lion Safari
Swarna, Female Tigress of Rajgir Zoo Safari
Leopard in Rajgir Zoo Safari
Sloth Bear
Sloth Bear Climbing Tree
Chital Herd 2
Female Blackbuck
Barking Deer
180 Degree Theatre
Lord Budhha
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Spread in over 30 Hactares, the herbivore safari houses variety of herbivore species including Chital, Sambar, Blackbuck, Barking Deer, Hog Deer and Nilgai. One can see these herbivores in their natural habitat grazing, browsing, resting or taking care of their young ones. Herbivore safari provides an excellent opportunity to see these wild animals from close distance and observe their behaviour, their feeding habits, their body structure and unique identification features. The natural ponds, vast grasslands and bamboo thickets makes this safari a scenic one. You can also enjoy watching colorful aquatic birds near pond. 



Spread in over 20 Hactares, the Bear safari houses a magnificent Sloth Bear.  The visitors can see these Sloth Bears resting, sucking up termites from termite mounds or climbing up and down the trees. They can be easily identified with their long black shaggy coat, long snout and white V shaped marking on their chest. They can be seen tearing the termite mounds or digging the ground to find termites or ants with their sickle shaped sharp ivory-white claws. You can also enjoy watching them taking bath in water bodies. 



The dangerous and majestic. This animal with its stealth and strength is considered as one of the most dangerous and powerful hunter. You can now see Leopards sitting on tree branches or watching you through a bush in Rajgir Zoo Safari. Considered as most adaptable big cat of India, this animal can be easily identified with the presence of rosettes all over their body, small spotted head, long thick tail and white underside. Spotting it from close distance in a thick jungle will be a entirely new and once in a lifetime experience for the visitors.   


Spread in over 20 Hactare of area, one can see the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger in Tiger safari. In Bihar, Royal Bengal Tigers are naturally found in Valmiki Tiger Reserve, West Champaran. One of the biggest species of five big cats, they can be easily identified by the presence of stripe pattern on their body, which is unique for each individual tiger. Now you can see this charismatic animal in Rajgir Zoo Safari in their natural habitat of thick Sal forest marking their territory. Seeing them while taking bath in water bodies can be a thrilling experience. 


The best location of Rajgir Zoo Safari is its Lion Safari where a pride of 6 lions and lioness can be seen wondering and resting in a group. Found only in Gir National Park of Gujrat, Rajgir Zoo Safari has became a new home to this majestic wild animal. ‘King of the Jungle’ don’t need any introduction. Easily identified with un-patterned body with golden tawny coat and a long naked tail with a tuft on the tip. The male lions have mane whereas lioness do not possess mane. Watching a playful pride of young lions will be a unique experience to the visitors.

180 degree Theatre

One of Its kind in India, 180 degree theatre gives a completely different experience to the tourist while watching the film being played on the screen spread in 180 degree. 

Selfie Point

One of the most liked feature of Rajgir Zoo Safari is its Selfie Point. Tourist can worship Lord Budhha and see sculptures of life size animals are developed to help the tourist understand about the animals being housed in this safari. They can see the characteristic features of the animals they are going to see. 

Interpretation Centre

A state of the art interpretation center of Rajgir Zoo Safari helps tourist to increase their knowledge about the wild animals with the help of Audio visual means. The diaromas and videos of the Evolution of earth, Ecological Succession, Evolution of Human Beings and Wildlife of India help in understanding the concept in a different way. The pictorial story of a happy jungle, sustainable human-forest interaction, natural as well as man-made hazards to the forests and role of forest officials in conservation of Forest and wildlife gives an impactful picture of the need of nature and wildlife conservation. 

Digital Butterfly Zone

One of its kind, the digital butterfly zone in the Rajgir Zoo Safari gives tourist complete information about the butterflies found in the Rajgir Wildlife Sanctury area. 


The biodiversity of Rajgir Zoo Safari spans from the powerful and fierce predators to the majestic and blissful herbivores to the full-fledged, soaring birds and the ingenious, native plants which play a pivotal and vital role in maintaining the ecosystem. Nurturing the dazzling wildlife, Rajgiri Zoo Safari gives abode to the elusive, solitary Royal Bengal tiger, the one and only king of the jungle -the lion, the swift, agile spotted leopard, the honey loving sloth bear,the obscure, cursorial camouflaging chital, the sambar deer, the spiral horned blackbuck, the hog deer and barking deer, the avifauna, dazzling butterflies and the local, indigenous flora.

Basic Do’s and Don’ts

1. Please don’t damage or deface any property of the Safari to avoid penal action and recovery of damages under relevant sections of concerning act/rule/order.

2. This is Wildlife Sanctuary area. Entry in this area with Weapons, sharp objects, matchsticks, lighters and inflammable objects is strictly prohibited. Violation of this will attract punishment under relevant sections of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

3. Disturbing other tourists, inappropriate behaviour, smoking, shouting, hooting and other such acts which can disturb public peace will be punishable under relevant act. Person indulging in such activity can be immediately removed from the safari premises and no request for refund will be entertained.

4. Please don’t tease or disturb any wild animals within the Safari, it is a punishable offence under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

5. Please don’t come out of Safari Bus during the Safari Bus ride.

6. Please don’t change or move out of your allotted seat in the Safari Bus


How to Reach

By Air: Patna is the nearest airport (110 kms ) from Rajgir . Patna is well linked to all major Indian cities including Kolkata, Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Ranchi, Lucknow. Rajgir is also connected to Gaya International Airport. (78 km)
By Rail: Rajgir has a Railway Station (RGD) which is connected to Patna, Kolkata and New Delhi via daily trains. Rajgir is also well connected to Gaya Railway Station (GAYA), which is one of India’s busiest rail routes.
By Road: Rajgir is well connected by road to Patna (110 km), Nalanda ( 15 km), Gaya (78 km), Pawapuri (38 km), Bihar Sharif (25 km). Regular Bus Services are available from all these locations. BSTDC runs daily Air-Conditioned Buses between Patna and Bodh Gaya via Rajgir. Cabs on Hire and Taxis are also easily available.

How to Book your safari

You can easily book your safari using the Book Your Safari button given at the top right of this website. The tickets are available at the counter too on arrival, although it is subject to availability. Please Read following instruction carefully before booking your ticket.

1. The Right to admission is reserved. This ticket is not transferable. Only the authorized person holding valid ticket  shall be permitted to enter the Safari premises. 

2. The Rajgir Zoo Safari administration has right to cancel the booking without prior information and without giving any reason for cancellation of the booking. 

3. The Rajgir Zoo Safari administration has right to reject the boarding of safari bus and remove such person(s) from the premises if found to he violating any of the rules and regulations governing Rajgir Zoo Safari. Appropriate legal action will be taken against misuse of safari tickets. 

2. The Entry Ticket is valid only for 4 hours from the mentioned slot/time of issue of the Ticket or up to the closure time of the Safari, whichever is earlier, only on the date of issue of the ticket. 

3. The Entry Ticket is valid for facilities in the Visitors Plaza such as Interpretation Centre, 180 Theater and children park etc. only.  The entry Ticket is not valid for Ride in Safari Bus to see wild animals. Please purchase a separate safari bus ticket for same.

4. Please enter the Safari premises at least 1 hour before your scheduled Safari Bus ride slot and report for Bus Ride at Safari Plaza 30 minutes before scheduled time mentioned in your ticket.

5. The Safari Bus Ride ticket is valid for ride in the Safari Bus within your allotted time slot only. Permission for Ride on the Safari Bus shall not be granted after allotted time mentioned in your Ticket. Any request for change of your allotted time slot shall not be entertained.


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